• 03/11/2021

104 Students in Top 10 in IRAQ & KRG Wezary Exams 2021

Stirling Schools added a new success to its tradition of achievements.

In the 2021 Wezary (National Baccalaureate) Exams of Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government, students of Stirling Schools in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Basra, Sulaimaniya, Halabja, Duhok, Erbil and Soran achieved phenomenal degrees with outstanding results.

Our Schools across the country crowned their last year’s achievements with 4 students who won 1st place, 7 students who won 2nd place, and 9 students who won the 3rd  place this year in all of Iraq & Kurdistan.

We congratulate our dearest students, their parents, and their dedicated teachers for their outstanding efforts and achievements.

Rigorous and well-designed curriculum and education model of Stirling Schools prepare our students for Wezary Exams by instilling required skills and knowledge in them.

Outstanding achievements in Wezary Exams are the outcome of a quality 12-year educational journey with experienced teachers, support classes and courses, mock exams, and summer Wezary courses.

“Reimagining Education”