• 19/10/2021

"Teaching in Challenging Circumstances": A webinar by Chris Sowton for Our Teachers

In collaboration with our professional partner, UK Teachers Academy, Stirling Schools Office of Education organized a webinar by Chris Sowton our teachers.

The webinar has been organized within Stirling Schools Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Calendar and Development Plan 2021-22.

We have received amazing feedback from the participants.

We would like to thank Chris Sowton and UK Teachers Academy for their valuable contribution and all attendees for their participation.

Chris Sowton is a well-known educational consultant, trainer, and the author of the book "Teaching in Challenging Circumstances."



His book includes essential strategies for teachers who work in challenging circumstances, which might include formal education systems in the developing or developed world and informal or non-formal teaching in areas with growing numbers of refugees or displaced people. It provides practical advice that will help teachers address concerns including teaching large classes, working with limited resources and supporting learners who have experienced interrupted education and who may be suffering from trauma. It offers suggestions for creating a positive learning environment and implementing effective teaching practice, and discusses the importance of resilience and wellbeing.

“Reimagining Education”